Are you young, fit and healthy? Then it’s a good time to start planning for menopause.

General 22 May 2018 | Dr. Wanviput Sanphasitvong

While five percent of women pass through menopause without any unpleasant side effects, the vast majority of women find it a real challenge and sometimes a very uncomfortable period in their lives. The classic symptoms are well known – hot flushes, sweating, reduced sexual desire, muscle pain, mood swings.  There are also the long term risks of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease.


While menopause sounds like a car crash waiting to happen, Vitallife wellness specialist Dr. Wanviput Sanphasitvong says an open mind, proper preparation and a willingness to manage your lifestyle when you are young can help women move through menopause more easily.


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“Thai women have a natural shyness and fear of change,” says Dr. Wanviput, but if they can adopt a more open approach to an inevitable chapter in their lives, then they can often make the transition far more comfortable than it might be otherwise.”


According to Dr. Wanviput, the key lies in an early preparation for the coming change. A holistic approach is required before the onset of menopause if women wish to have a smoother transition.  Of course, that’s easier said than done.  “When you are young and fit and healthy, menopause seems like a lifetime away,” says Dr. Wanviput, “but the irony is that this is precisely the best time to start planning for what lies ahead.”


Dr. Wanviput encourages women to take a long hard look at their diet, exercise and sleeping habits in order to make the life transforming changes they need to prepare themselves and their bodies for menopause. The good news is that an increasing number of younger women are more active healthier than previous generations at the same age, and are more conscious of the benefits of taking the time to prepare.  Then again, women today have move stress and responsibilities then years past.


There is greater social awareness and trending towards fitness, and women are embracing fitness regimens to maintain youth and beauty. Social media particularly has been a big driver to educate and stimulate women to get active.  But Dr. Wanviput strongly recommends that women who are 40+ years of age should have full medical checks once a year, and should include disease screening and wellness.


Dr. Wanviput encourages women to take a 360-degree view of their health, and that includes maintaining healthy daily rituals, a focus on disease prevention and minimizing health risks, and regular visits to medical and wellness specialists to monitor health and wellness. “A good lifestyle strategy is not just about avoiding the discomfort of menopause,” counsels Dr. Wanviput, “it is setting yourself up for a lifetime of health and happiness and each of us has the power to do that.”



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It is the first medical wellness center in Asia to be accredited by the World Council on Clinical Accreditation (awarded in November 2007). It is also the first compounding pharmacy in Southeast Asia.

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