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Your genes have critical information you need to know

As we move into the age of personalized medicine, genetic testing provides the roadmap each of us needs to manage our health into the future. Genetic testing provides a window into the makeup of our DNA and chromosomes and that information directly impacts how long and how well we live.

World-class genetic analysis

At Vitallife, we partner with leading genetic testing companies in the US and Europe to analyze genetic markers known to affect our health and longevity.


Personalized prescriptions using genetic data

We believe genetic testing establishes the scientific foundation for better lifestyle management. Our approach is to use genetic testing to develop customized health management programs that have a lasting impact on how long and how well you live.


Vitallife doctors can help you see into the future

Vitallife doctors can recommend and help you understand the science and benefits of genetic testing.



We help you shape a youthful life

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Genetic Testing

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