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The body needs micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) to function properly, but just how much we need for optimal health is often a mystery. Conventional medicine and routine annual check ups rarely test for micronutrient levels in the blood, despite the importance they play in body function.

Testing is key to knowledge

Micronutrient testing is important, because deficiencies in vitamins and minerals can impact body function and cause health issues over time. Genetics, lifestyle, the environment age all impact the body’s ability to absorb and process micronutrients. Low micronutrient levels can also contribute to aging, because cells become damaged without proper antioxidant protection.


Let us help you understand the micro-nutrients you need

Our approach is to test and establish a baseline for optimal micronutrient levels that promote vitality and prevent disease and premature aging at the cellular level. We have a compounding pharmacy that can produce customized micronutrient supplements to get you back on track.


Vitallife doctors are specialists in vitamins and micro-nutrients

Vitallife doctors specialize in vitamin and micronutrient testing and help people understand the role they play in body function and aging.



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