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Health Programs Health and wellbeing, tailored to your needs

Health Programs

The latest and most effective treatments, programs designed just for you.

Discover Rakxa

Feel refreshed and recharged by sampling the RAKxa experience. This three-night package includes a general physical examination, treatments, daily fitness and leisure activities and complimentary use of our health spa facilities.

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Cleanse your body of harmful toxins with our gentle and purifying Detox package. This 7 or 10--night program includes treatments to alleviate problems ranging from low energy and fatigue to headaches, respiratory problems and chronic allergies.


Do you struggle to maintain a healthy weight? This 10 or 14-night program adopts a holistic approach to your health, covering everything from your genetic makeup and metabolism to your hormones, stress levels and lifestyle. We address issues you might face and work with you to create a healthy lifestyle plan and mindset that you can sustain.

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