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Exercise Well the Wellness Way
Exercise Well the Wellness Way
Healthy and Longevity is the goal of every mankind. We do want to live long and healthy together with great vitality life style is the most important to achieve Wellness Exercise well the Wellness way is one of the most important task to achieve vitality life style

Wellness & Exercise

          When we talk about wellness, health and anti-aging, we are talking about the five pillars of anti- aging strategy which includes anti- aging exercise as well. The reason that the five pillars of anti-aging strategy includes Exercise because our bodies have gone through a lifetime of damage. The recovery and rejuvenation process should be integrated both from inner and outer with the slogan of Living Well the Wellness Ways
          The path to wellness is endurance and no such a fast lane to achieve; it requires significant lifestyle adjustment, generally from 1 to 3 years. Remember that Rome was not built in one day. However, a combination of changing in diet, adding nutrition & supplements and regular physical activity  may show the result within 30 to 90 days to give you some confident but it needs discipline and continuing process.

          Regular physical activity can reduce the chances of developing diseases of non-communicable or NCD such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, stroke and cardiovascular disease especially in the elderly. New study shows that regular physical activity has an anti-aging effect at the cellular level as well. Recent research found that intensive exercise prevents the shortening of telomeres. The shortening of telomeres limits cells to fixed number of divisions and leads to aging on the cellular level.

How to live young and fit….the wellness exercise‘s ways

          Each type of exercise carries its own benefits. Aerobic exercise tones the heart and the major blood vessels and reduces the chance of heart attack by 50 percent. However, too much exercise and improper untrained exercise can increase   free radicals which in the long term damage cells and accelerate aging. Balancing your body and mind through exercise is one of the most benefit strategy for optimal health through wellness exercise with less injury and inflammation. 

           Most exercise programs are a combination of 2 parts Cardio (aerobic) training and resistance (weight) training. Cardio training primarily benefits on circulation, the heart and the pulmonary function, while weight training is for stimulation the production of bone, muscle and neuroendocrine system and also benefits for normal hormones production. Each program need energy to pump up your heart and build muscle mass which is energy from a good and healthy nutrients not from junk food or hamburger. You have to know what to eat before exercising and how to eat to promote the effectiveness of exercise. 

The nutrition for exercise divided into 3 parts and can integrated into every day wellness exercise practice
          Pre Workout: before undergoing any exercise you need an energy and a source of energy is a good carbohydrate such as whole wheat products, or healthy energy snacks like energy bars or some fruits. A meal should be taken 1-2 hours before and if snacks should be taken 30 mins before exercising. Whole food plant base diet is preferrd.
          Intra Workout: recommend energy drink or a piece of energy bar during heavy physical exercise over 2 hours continuing of cardio exercise.

          Post workout: The most important part of wellness exercise oyur post-workout meal can influence the overall health effects of exercise, so what you eat after your workout is an important consideration. Generally speaking, after exercise your body is nitrogen-poor and your muscles have been broken down.  A source of good protein is what you need, whey protein which is one of the two major groups of proteins found in milk. It is a highly digestible source of protein and fast absorb.  Three ounces of high-quality whey protein will provide you with the recommended eight grams of leucine, which increases protein synthesis and builds muscle. Amino glutamine is another option. Protein synthesis, as any other of the 20 amino acids which also known to have various effects in reducing healing time after operations. Ideally you should wait 45-60minutes after exercise before go on to your favorite healthy food.

Daily vitamins & supplements recommendation

          Most of the time in exercise you may lost your vitamins through sweat, normally most trainers recommend Vitamin C or Multi-vitamin drink after you have finished your workout but for wellness exercise you may need to add Vitamins C and E which benefit for antioxidant properties. Plus Chromium, which is an important nutrient to control the insulin in your body especially for people who had high blood sugar.

Tip for a healthy way with wellness exercise

  • Eat Low fructose fruits like passion fruit, cantaloupe, and raspberries
  • Eat more vegetables! Especially  dark green, leafy vegetables such as spinach
  • Eat wholes grains
  • Fish : good source of omega-3 fatty acids that should be included in a healthy wellness meal
  • Dairy products (if you are not lactose intolerance), choose low fat milk, low sugar
  •  Eat Nuts, beans and lentils especially Sunflower seeds sprouts are one of the best and pack nearly 30 times the nutrient density of most vegetables. Plus you can have it while driving to gym.
  • Drink enough quality fluid. It is important to replace lost fluids to make sure your body can function properly.
  • Do not eat Sugars: limits sugar as much as you can.Orange juice and apple also high in sugar and be misunderstanding as healthy drink
  • Do not eat Food with trans and saturated fat
  • Limit caffeine, a cup a day
  • Refrain from Alcohol and party lifestyle

Doctor’s tips

It’s not easy for most people to start exercising regularly but once started, they realized that it is a right thing to do. Most of my weight loss customer would not like to exercise but I would tell them that they will have to do it eventually to maintain the long term weight management not only weight loss. Exercise is not for losing   weight but is for good health and wellness too. A good health leads to a good weight and shape. By this understanding, my customers don’t pressure themselves for an over-exercise to shed pounds and get injured. Instead, they will go easy with the program starting from the basics and at the end of the day exercise has become their favorite part and change their lives. 

Regular exercise is a good thing but too much or wrong exercise can cause harm to the body. Body needs free radical to live but if free radicals are generated too much, they can be toxic and damage all our valuable biological molecules. A heavy exercise and untrained exercise can generate more free radicals, which can lead to damage of cells and tissues and increase the acceleration of aging. This is the reason why you need professional trainers to design the right exercise, diet plan and personalized supplements for them.

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