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Male Intimate Wellness   

Silence does not lead to a solution when there are concerns

Men are often less likely to voice their health concerns, and because of this, male intimate wellness is often overlooked. At VitalLife, your men’s health clinic in Bangkok, we approach male intimate wellness as an important part of overall wellness. And as we treat patients holistically intimate wellness should be discussed.


Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a major concern when it comes to male intimate wellness. ED becomes more common when males age. It is defined as the consistent inability to get or keep a penile erection for sexual intercourse. As common as it is, many individuals refuse to discuss the condition. However, at VitalLife, your men’s health clinic in Bangkok, we offer many treatments that can restore this area back to health and improve the quality of life.

The prevalence (number of individuals diagnosed) increases with age (see fig. 1).


Causes of Male Intimate Wellness Challenges

There are many causes of male intimate wellness challenges. Most of them are physical, but ED can also be a result of past psychological trauma. Physical underlying causes include: hormone imbalance, poor blood flow, poor nerve conductivity and high blood pressure can all affect male intimate wellness. If the nerves are damaged, the blood flow to the pelvic area will be reduced, which can result in dysfunction. Heart disease, diabetes, and high cholesterol can also impede blood flow resulting in ED. Type 2 Diabetes is associated with being overweight and one of the side effects is nerve damage surrounding small veins and arteries in the lower extremities, back of eyes, kidneys, and male intimate areas. Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and Peyronie’s disease are also common causes of ED.

Psychological causes can include guilt, depression, fear of intimacy, and severe anxiety. Sometimes it can be a combination of physical and psychological causes. For example, if a man is overweight, the lack of blood flow in his body can affect his ability to have an erection. Being overweight could also affect feelings of self-esteem and together result in poor intimacy.

Although there are many causes of ED, we offer multiple treatments to combat the challenges. VitalLife has an experienced male intimate wellness doctor in Bangkok to offer expert advice and treatments tailored to you. We can help you get your hormones back on track with hormone screening and replacement; be your healthiest with our weight management program; and slow down aging with age management programs. With our help, you can achieve optimal health and avoid erectile dysfunction.

VitalLife’s Treatments for Male Intimate Wellness Issues Include:

  • Weber Laser
  • X-Wave Therapy
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Hormone screening and replacement
  • Micronutrient screening and replacement
  • Weight management
  • Age management

If a patient has mild to moderate ED, X-Wave therapy might be the best treatment. X-Wave therapy is a non-invasive treatment that works by sending low intensity sound waves to the affected area. This stimulates cells to repair and heal themselves, resulting in better blood flow. Other treatment options, such as hormone screening and replacement, micronutrient screening, and weight management, are for individuals who are looking for long term solutions.

As your men’s health clinic in Bangkok, we want to help you live your healthiest and happiest life. If you are struggling with male intimate wellness, we can help. Contact us today at +66 2066 8899 to make a consultation appointment and learn more about our male intimate wellness treatments.

Fig. 1. “All About Erectile Dysfunction.” X10 Male Performance Booster, 2015,

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