YOUVION Organics Daily Shampoo

YOUVION Organics Daily Shampoo
Amount 200 ml.


Treat your hair gently with Silicon-Free and Sulfate-Free shampoo. This luxurious organic shampoo promotes soft, shiny and healthy hair. Its aroma created through therapeutic blending also encourages feelings of contentment.

  • All Hair Types
  • Bio-available EFAs & Vitamins
  • Hair Hydrating
  • Scalp Soothing
  • Certified COSMOS Organic


About YOUVION Organics

YOUVION’s organic bioactive skin and body care products are brimming with naturally occurring vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. We immersed ourselves during their creation, combining cutting-edge science balanced with traditional methodologies and organic technology to extract all of the powerful components that organic plants have to offer.

Each certified organic ingredient is grown and harvested ethically from organic farmers near and far who dedicate their lives and land to producing the most nutrient-dense ingredients. This is reflected in the integrity, potency, quality and ultimately tangible results.

Reclaim Your Innate Inner and Outer Beauty with Each Use. Our passion is to inspire others to feel and look incredible while contributing to sustainable practices for the benefit the planet. Pure organic products with no hidden chemical substances help to feed and revive our skin; and the aromatherapy scents that originate from the essential oils encourages stress reduction and relaxation promotion.

We carefully selected natural ingredients when creating our products. Ensuring we would receive certification by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Organic and the COSMOS-Standard. Ensuring concrete credibility that YOUVION products are genuinely organic.

YOUVION Organics Daily Shampoo

Price 700 THB

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