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What is Viveve?
It is radiofrequency technology that uses a specially designed hand-piece with the single-use treatment tip. This tip heats deeper layers of the vaginal tissue while cooling the skin in direct contact building collagen and tightening tissue, which has become lax due to aging and possibly childbirth. Bladder leakage is a common condition that results from laxity.
What is the procedure like?
The single-use tip is placed approximately two to four inches inside the vaginal opening. The energy is evenly distributed in a clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation ensuring all areas of the circumference are treated. The procedure is pain free.
How many treatments will I need?
The procedure takes approximately 30-minutes and only one treatment is required. new collagen formation over the following 30 to 90 days and continued improvement at 6 and 12 months.

What kind of results can I expect?
Collagen formation takes place over the following 30 to 90 days with improvements continuing at six to 12 months. Results beyond 12 months vary per person. Repeat treatments may be recommended in the future if laxity returns.

Who are the best candidates?
All women who experience incontinence due to extended or multiple childbirth history. Women who feel they have vaginal laxity and wish for a pain free non-surgical solution.



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