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Good sleep is the core of health care.     

Sleep is one of the most important factors in enhancing the health of those who suffer from insomnia. Poor sleep quality may raise the risk of chronic diseases, including hormonal imbalances .

Normally, people should sleep for about 7 hours. The important thing is to go to bed before 11 PM, because 1 AM - 2 AM is the best time for deep sleep. This is an important time, when the body produces hormones to repair and strengthen the body to work more efficiently.

Insomnia may result from stress, coffee and tea drinking, excessive use of mobile phones, inappropriate environment in the bedroom, imbal­ ance of hormones in the body, etc.

VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center has a team of Sleep Specialists at all branches . They 're ready to give
advice for treating sleep problems, including a home Sleep Test to assess sleep apnea.  
The test results will help the doctor to improve your sleep quality by:
  • Taking care of any factor affecting sleep quality,such as hormones, medications, etc.
  • Sleep supplements
  • Using a CPAP machine for sleep apnea.
  • Using a hyperbaric chamber and blood ozone levels, etc.

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