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Having trouble sleeping?

We’ve all experienced trouble sleeping, and it’s no wonder. We live in a fast paced world full of stress, anxiety and problems that we carry to bed. We complicate matters even more with jet lag, drinking too much alcohol or constantly staring at the mobile phone. This sensory overload confuses our brain so it cannot switch off, and that leads to insomnia or lack of sleep.

Chronic insomnia impacts your quality of life

People with insomnia often suffer from fatigue, irritability, difficulty concentrating and feel hot inside, because the body compensates by over producing hormones, like cortisol. Acute insomnia is episodic and typically occurs when we are stressed or excited, like the night before a big presentation. Chronic insomnia, however, is the inability to sleep at least three nights per week and lasts at least three months. In chronic insomnia cases, insomnia can adversely impact your quality of life and health.


Let us help you find regular, peaceful sleep

At Vitallife, we believe that sleep is one of the most important factors to a healthy body and mind. Sleeping pills are short-term aids only, and can lead to addiction or make the situation worse. To treat insomnia you must address the root cause.

Our approach is to work with you to understand the triggers that are causing insomnia, which could be due to lifestyle habits, diet, hormones and lack of exercise. we take the holistic approach to sleep, because it is simply too important to our well being to take shortcuts.


Vitallife doctors specialize in treating insomnia

Vitallife doctors are specialists at treating insomnia and can provide help for people whose productivity during the day is spolied by their lack of sleep at night.



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