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The brain is the body’s supercomputer. Every second of every day, the brain is working at light speed to keep us alive and functioning, and that takes a LOT of energy. In fact, the brain consumes about 20% of all the body’s energy, and research has discovered that much of that energy goes toward cell maintenance. Literally, your brain never stops working.

Better lifestyles, better brain function

We take for granted that our brain is always ‘on’, but our brain health is a function of our physical health. Diet, stress, exercise and sleep affect how well our brain functions, and if we don’t take care of our bodies then our brain suffers the consequences. We have the power to increase brain function by modifying our diet, sleep, exercise, hormone levels and nutrition. Better lifestyles really do translate into better brain function.


Let us help you improve your brain function

At Vitallife, we believe that brain function is directly related to your physical condition, and people who are strong, healthy and balanced have high brain function. Our approach to boosting brain function is to perform assessments of lifestyle, body function, and hormone and micro-nutrient levels. Based on test results, we can prescribe lifestyle strategies and support therapies to help keep your brain on maximum power.


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Vitallife doctors specialize in designing personalized programs for people who feel fatigued, sluggish or lack mental focus and clarity.



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