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We live in a toxic world

Let’s face it.  We live in a toxic world.  Every day we are unknowingly exposed to hazardous toxins like lead, mercury and pesticides that severely compromise our immune, digestive and brain function.  Over time, these toxins accumulate in our blood, tissues and organs and can trigger adverse reactions in the form of allergies, rashes, headaches and fatigue.

Clean up

Conventional medicine does not routinely look for toxins in our bodies, yet toxins may be the very source of many hard-to-diagnose health issues.

Toxins have been linked to memory loss, cognitive disorders (particularly in children), and cancer. The human body naturally rids itself of toxins, but for those who live in large metropolitan centers and are exposed to environmental pollution regularly, toxicity is a major health concern and detoxification is a smart strategy for disease prevention.


Let us help you detox

At Vitallife, we believe that we live in a toxic world and our food, water and environment have contaminants that gradually buildup and cause serious health issues that largely go undiagnosed.

Our approach is to use special laboratory tests to measure toxin levels in the body and recommend specific detoxification therapies to help the body eliminate harmful toxins.


We specialize in detoxification

Vitallife physicians are specialists in detoxification, and can provide welcome relief to people concerned about toxins or believe that toxins may be triggering their health issues.



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