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IV Immune Myer (Core Promotion)

IV Immune Myer
IV therapy, or vitamin therapy, administers essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients intravenously into the bloodstream. This enables the body to rapidly absorb vitamins and minerals. A mixture of substances based on an analysis of bodily needs is provided directly into the vein to achieve maximum efficiency of health recovery. Nevertheless, the vitamin therapy needs to be performed and closely supervised by physicians and expert-level personnel.

IV Immune Myer
This is the primary formula to enhance the immune system and is great to get your body ready before and after traveling. It reduces susceptibility to infection and speeds up body recovery from illnesses such as colds. This formula is also beneficial for emotional recovery and to help awake refreshed, energetic, vibrant, and with improved blood circulation.

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Package Inclusions​

  • IV Immune Myer 5 Sessions Discount 10% to 29,700 baht from 33,000 baht
  • IV Immune Myer 10 Sessions Discount 20% to 52,800 baht from 66,000 baht
  • IV Immune Myer 15 Sessions Discount 30% to 69,300 baht from 99,000 baht

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Term & Conditions

  • This service can be used at VitalLife 10th floor, Building C.
  • Please be aware at the first visit,a VitalLife doctor consultation fee will be invoiced at approximately 1,000-1,500 THB prior to diagnostic or treatment services.This charge is not included in the package purchased.
  • Prices exclude outpatient service fee and nursing service fee.
  • This offer is package price,if you cannot receive some treatment.VitalLife reserves the right to deny a partial refund.
  • Terms, conditions, and prices are subject to change without a prior notice.
  • Please make an appointment in advance. Tel 02-066-8899 or [email protected]
  • The package is transferable.
  • VitalLife Elite Member is eligible.
  • Insurance is not covered.
  • IV Therapy can be in different formula but must be purchased in the same price.
  • This price is valid until 30 December 2023 (Price is subject to change without prior notice.)
  • The service is available 365 days from the date of purchase.


  • This package is not recommended for customers who have G6PD deficiency.
  • If you have chronic disease or taking medication, please notify the nurse in advance.
  • This package is not included initial consultation fees.
  • VitalLife reserves the right to customize the vitamin formulas or the amount of vitamins, depend on the discretion of physicians for the great results.
  • Do not need to abstain water and food prior to the test.
  • Consultation with doctor before procedure.

Expires on 30 December 2023

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