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Atopic Dermatits   



  • Atopic dermatitis can be caused by heredity, observed in the family members of patients who often have a history of allergies, such as allergic conjunctivitis, allergic rhinitis, frequent coughing, asthma or atopic dermatitis.
  • The environment, such as heat, cold, dryness, humidity, dust mite, diseases, and chemicals that cause skin irritation.
Atopic Dermatits

Symptoms and Appearance

  • Severe itching
  • Redness or red bumps
  • Clear fluid blisters, which can ooze fluid, then crust over and start to scale.
  • Thickened, scaly and peeling skin in chronic cases.

Atopic dermatitis can appear anywhere on the body according to age. For children, it is most often found on the face and head, while for adults, it is commonly found on the crook of the arms, legs, neck, face, or any area where skin abrasion occurs.

If hair follicles are damaged, they will stop producing hair. Certain conditions can also affect the growth cycle of hair follicles or cause them to completely stop producing hair.

What makes a rash worse?

  • The environment, such as dust mite, pollen and fur.
  • Diseases, such as bacteria and fungi.
  • Changing seasons, such as winter or summer.
  • Animal-derived clothing and metal accessories
  • Daily skin care products
  • Some foods, such as milk, eggs, soybeans and seafood
  • Cumulative stress
  • Inadequate sleep

How is Atopic Dermatitis Treated?

  • Avoid everything that can aggravate the symptoms.
  • Your doctor may prescribe antihistamines to reduce itching.
  • In some patients with moderate to severe symptoms, your doctor may consider prescribing topical steroid medications, which help in reducing skin inflammation, or drugs that suppress the immune system. However, these should only be used under medical supervision.
  • If pustules or bacterial infectious complications are present, a doctor may consider prescribing antibiotics to kill the bacteria.

If you find yourself with a persistent rash and can't find the root cause, you can consult a Dermatologist at VitalLife Skin & Aesthetic Center for safe and effective treatment.


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