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Hormone Imbalance   

Male Hormone Imbalances


Male Hormone Therapy in Bangkok

If you are a man who has noticed a change in your body, energy levels, or sleep patterns, you may be suffering from male hormone deficiency. That is why we offer hormone therapy in Bangkok. Left untreated, male hormone deficiency can have a big effect on how you look and feel. Do you think you might have a hormone imbalance? We can help!

There are a number of factors – including age, diet, exercise, stress, prescription medications, and genetics – that can result in hormones becoming deficient. Any of these factors can cause individuals to create and secrete too many or too little of the important hormones our bodies rely on to function.

Effects of Hormone Deficiency in Men

Hormones are responsible for maintaining many important bodily processes including respiration, blood circulation, metabolism, cognitive function, reproduction and many others that keep us alive and well day to day. Without proper hormone levels, men may experience a variety of symptoms including:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Hair Loss
  • Degradation of Muscle Mass
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Weight Gain
  • And More

For many men, male hormone deficiency is often overlooked or undiagnosed, leaving many to face these unpleasant – and potentially life-threatening – conditions. At VitalLife, we offer hormone therapy in Bangkok for males to right this imbalance and promote well-being and longevity.

Let Us Help You

Here at VitalLife, we offer hormone therapy in Bangkok for males to help you feel better – more rejuvenated and energetic. We offer customized hormone testing for both men and women to analyze your body’s function and find a treatment plan that addresses any imbalances you may have. Depending on your individual results, our doctors will help you with lifestyle modification, supplementation, or bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to get you back in balance. Together, we’ll decrease and even get rid of your symptoms, leaving you looking and feeling your best. Contact us today to learn more about how VitalLife hormone therapy in Bangkok can help you get back in balance.




Female Hormone Imbalances

Female Hormone Therapy in Bangkok

Women’s bodies rely on many hormones to direct important bodily functions, and when they become imbalanced – meaning you have too much or too little of a certain hormone – you will experience many health disruptions. You do not have to suffer the effects of female hormone imbalances. We can help!

Impact of Female Hormone Imbalances

Imbalanced hormones can impact your health in a variety of ways, including:

  • Appetite and weight
  • Metabolism
  • Heart rate
  • Sleep patterns
  • Reproduction
  • Mood

The major hormones women’s bodies rely on include:

  • Estrogen – This hormone is the primary female sex hormone and plays an important role in regulating your menstrual cycle.
  • Progesterone – In addition to helping regulate your menstrual cycle and fertility, progesterone is also a crucial hormone in early pregnancies.
  • Testosterone – not just a male hormone. It plays vital roles in bone strength, muscle mass generation and maintenance, libido as well as an overall feeling of energy and well-being.
  • Cortisol – Cortisol is an important stress hormone that helps regulate your body’s immune system and sugar levels enabling you to adequately respond to stressors. However, if it remains elevated over a long period of time, it can be damaging to your body.
  • Thyroid Hormones – These hormones are perhaps some of the body’s most important, as they regulate breathing, heart rate, body temperature, and metabolism.

Female hormone imbalances can leave women feeling tired, depressed, and unwell. We can help you get your hormones back in balance through personalized hormone testing and individualized hormone treatment. Let us help!


Hormone Imbalance Treatments

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