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Smart Guidance on Potential Causes and Treatment Options

Diarrhea is a common illness that most people have at some point in their life. It is uncomfortable and unpleasant. Diarrhea is characterized by loose, watery stools or more frequent bowel movements. VitalLife, your stomach doctor in Bangkok, can help treat and prevent diarrhea.


There are two types of diarrhea that someone can have: acute diarrhea or chronic diarrhea. Chronic diarrhea usually involves diarrhea that lasts longer than 4 weeks, and it requires a doctor's visit. Underlying causes of chronic diarrhea includes Crohn’s disease or celiac disease. With acute diarrhea, most people get better on their own, but some may need treatment with antibiotics. Acute diarrhea normally lasts less than a week with appropriate treatment.

Chronic diarrhea may be a symptom of conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome or inflammatory bowel disease. Severe and frequent diarrhea can be a sign of a functional bowel disorder or intestinal disease. Diarrhea is a completely treatable and avoidable illness. Our VitalLife stomach doctor can help you determine the cause of your diarrhea and treat it quickly and effectively.

Causes of Diarrhea

Diarrhea can be a result of several circumstances or conditions. Potential causes of diarrhea include:

  1. Medications - Some medications that cause diarrhea include laxatives, antacids, some antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs, and more. If you have an adverse reaction to a medication, it can result in diarrhea as well.
  2. Viral Infections - Infections such as giardia can happen after having contaminated water or food. Eating something that is improperly cooked or contaminated can cause food poisoning. However this normally only lasts up to four weeks or less with appropriate treatment.
  3. Too much alcohol or caffeine - Cutting back on both alcohol and caffeine can help prevent diarrhea.
  4. Digestive problems - Digestive issues that may be the underlying cause includes: celiac disease, lactose intolerance, or the pancreas fails to produce sufficient enzymes for food nutrient absorption.
  5. Surgery - Getting part of your small intestine removed during surgery can cause short-bowel syndrome.
  6. Removal of your gallbladder - When your gallbladder is removed, it can lead to more bile in your colon, resulting in watery stool.
  7. Hormonal disorders - This includes adrenal disease, diabetes, or an overactive thyroid.

If you think any of these conditions may be causing your chronic diarrhea, it might be time to see your Bangkok stomach doctor.

VitalLife’s Treatments for Diarrhea Include:

If you have been struggling with chronic diarrhea, your doctor may use any of the following tests depending on your symptoms and physical exam: an intestinal profile, micronutrient screening, and food intolerance testing to get to the root cause of your symptoms. It is only then that we can make recommendations that will lead to long lasting solutions.


Our stomach doctor in Bangkok can help prevent and treat acute or chronic diarrhea. To schedule an appointment, call us today at +66 2066 8899. You can learn more about our treatments for diarrhea and how we can help you treat this uncomfortable illness.

Diarrhea Treatments

IV Nutrient Therapy

เราผสมผสานการใช้เทคโนโลยีอันทันสมัยเข้ากับการบำบัดตามแบบแพทย์แผนจีน แผนไทย และแบบอายุรเวท การบำบัดจิตวิญญาณ และการฝึกสมาธิเพื่อให้การล้างพิษครอบคลุมรอบด้านทั้งร่างกายและจิตใจ

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Consider nutraceuticals as a natural approach, in partnership with an expert physician, ensuring safe and effective care for multiple conditions

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Food Intolerance

Our expert physicians are like detectives using the most up-to-date tests to determine which foods are producing the negative symptoms being experienced

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Gut Health Analysis Intestinal Profile

Gut health is more important than realized. If the gut lining is not intact or the beneficial bacteria are not in balance, negative symptoms are commonly felt

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Biological Age Test

Blood Age & DunedinPACE Epigenetic Clock
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