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This treatment helps:

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The GI Doctor in Bangkok at VitalLife Can Help with Leaky Gut

The gut microbiome plays a major role in digestion, vitamin synthesis, immune system development, and ion absorption. When the composition of the gut microbiome is altered, it can lead to many health problems. If you have symptoms such as abdominal pain or bloating, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation, headaches, fatigue, joint pain, and brain fog, then it is possible that you have a leaky gut. VitalLife’s GI doctor in Bangkok offers an intestinal panel to determine if you have leaky gut.


Our intestinal panel determines if key parts of your gut microbiome are functioning properly. We look for:
  1. Populations of helpful bacteria, parasites, and yeast to make sure they are balanced
  2. Permeability and integrity of the gut lining to see if it is leaking substances into the body
  3. Digestive enzyme production that aids in food absorption
  4. The gut lining’s ability to prevent and fight infections
  5. Signs of inflammation and immunology
This Treatment Helps with:
  • Gut Health
  • History of Constipation
  • History of Diarrhea
  • History of Bloating
  • History of Abdominal Pain
  • History of Indigestion

Benefits of an Intestinal Profile

The intestinal panel helps us monitor, manage, and treat any symptoms from your gut microbiome that are or were unbalanced.

What you will get with your intestinal panel:
  1. Information on the presence of bad bacteria or fungus, and key microbiota
  2. A summary of indicators determining how well your body can break down food
  3. Information on your ability to absorb fat, sugar, protein, and water
  4. Indicators of integrity as well as inflammation of the intestinal wall
If our Bangkok stomach doctor assesses the intestinal panel and discovers poor gut health, they will make recommendations on how to repair it. Our recommendations for leaky gut may include targeted dietary suggestions, supplements, probiotics medication, and changes in lifestyle.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is the intestinal panel done?
You should schedule a consultation with our intestine doctor in Bangkok to pick up the easy-to-use feces collection kit. You complete the kit at home and drop it off when you are done. Within four weeks you will receive a detailed report with recommendation options by your intestine doctor.

Why do I need an intestinal panel?
If you have been feeling abdominal pain or bloating, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation, fatigue, joint pain, inflammation, or brain fog, you should get an intestinal panel done. Our doctors can help you get rid of leaky gut and give you recommendations so you can feel your best.
VitalLife, your GI doctor in Bangkok, will help you uncover any gut health issues you might be having and get you back on track to a healthy gut microbiome. Contact us today at +66 2066 8899 to make a consultation appointment and learn more about our intestinal profile.

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