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Looking for a Migraine Doctor in Bangkok? Look No Further than VitalLife

One in every seven people around the world has experienced a migraine at least once in their lives. If you have never had a migraine, count yourself lucky. If you have had a migraine or suffer from persistent migraines, you know just how painful and disrupting they can be. Migraines are more than just a regular headache – and they can be absolutely draining for those who suffer from them. But you do not have to live with regular migraines. There are viable prevention options, and the VitalLife migraine doctor in Bangkok can help you live a life free of migraines!



Migraines are much more than just a severe headache. In fact, it is a unique neurological condition that is often accompanied by nausea (and even vomiting), changes to your vision (including seeing auras or temporary vision loss), tingling or numbness in your hands and feet, and extreme sensitivity to sound, light, and sometimes smell.

Migraines can last for several hours and, for some people, up to a couple of days. They are incredibly painful and very disrupting to everyday life, as many people cannot work or concentrate when they have a migraine.

There are many different prescription medications available to treat migraines, as well as several natural solutions, including vitamin supplements. After determining the cause of your migraines and the frequency of them, our trained Bangkok migraine doctor will work with you to find a treatment solution that not only reduces the effects of the migraine, but also ultimately prevents them from occurring. We will work to treat the root causes of your migraines so you can live a life free of this awful condition.

Our migraine treatment in Bangkok may include vitamin supplements, including the nutraceuticals B2, Q10, magnesium, melatonin, and gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) for prevention measures. We will also work with you to find what triggers your migraine and help you make lifestyle and diet changes that reduce the severity and frequency of migraines. Other treatment options may include stress management, Weber Laser, and chelation (toxin elimination).

VitalLife Migraine Doctor in Bangkok

If you have suffered from painful and disrupting migraines, you have suffered long enough. VitalLife Scientific Wellness Center has an experienced migraine doctor in Bangkok that can help. We use cutting-edge medicine to treat the root cause of your migraines to help you get rid of them once and for all. The VitalLife Bangkok migraine doctor has proven treatments that prevent migraines before they ever happen. We can help you.


Migraines Treatments

IV Nutrient Therapy

เราผสมผสานการใช้เทคโนโลยีอันทันสมัยเข้ากับการบำบัดตามแบบแพทย์แผนจีน แผนไทย และแบบอายุรเวท การบำบัดจิตวิญญาณ และการฝึกสมาธิเพื่อให้การล้างพิษครอบคลุมรอบด้านทั้งร่างกายและจิตใจ

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Consider nutraceuticals as a natural approach, in partnership with an expert physician, ensuring safe and effective care for multiple conditions

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Hormone Screening and Replacement

Hormone imbalances are often missed with subtle symptoms including poor mood, weight changes, fatigue, thinning hair, and poor sleep but relief is available

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Micronutrient Screening

Do we absorb all the specific vitamin and minerals essential for cell growth, repair, energy production, immune function, brain health that we need?

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Heavy Metal Analysis with Chelation Therapy

Toxins in our environment may accumulate causing brain fog, fatigue, cell damage, and chronic inflammation. However, removal is possible

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Gut Health Analysis Intestinal Profile

Gut health is more important than realized. If the gut lining is not intact or the beneficial bacteria are not in balance, negative symptoms are commonly felt

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Biological Age Test

Blood Age & DunedinPACE Epigenetic Clock
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