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Brain Fog: Risk of memory loss from long Covid-19
Brain Fog: Risk of memory loss from long Covid-19

Brain Fog: Risk of memory loss from long Covid-19 

What is Brain Fog?

Brain Fog refers to a state when your brain is blocked and crowded with foggy feelings. This disorder results in a confused brain, making it difficult for you to concentrate, slow down, or become more forgetful. Along with mental exhaustion, this condition will also cause mood swings and stress on your brain. In this case, it greatly affects your ability to think and function on a daily basis.

Brain fog can affect an individual of all ages, whether they are children, adults, or the elderly. The good news is that brain fog can be treated to restore normal brain function. However, this condition might frequently recur and come back. Without proper treatment, brain fog leads to more severe conditions that will impact your daily life, social interactions, academic performance, productivity, and sleep.

Post-COVID 19 Brain Fog

Brain fog is a symptom of Covid-19 that has characteristics similar to ordinary cases of brain fatigue. It has been found that 86 percent of COVID-19 infected individuals suffer from memory and brain problems. Moreover, the recovery period for these symptoms takes longer than usual with a substantial risk of long-term brain damage if not treated properly.

Interesting research has been conducted on COVID-19 survivors. The results show that 42 COVID-19 recovered patients continue to experience mild symptoms, 53 individual continue to experience severe symptoms, and the remaining 66 participants also had their brain health examined, which found that:
  • 78% lack concentration in their surroundings or work.
  • 67.5% showed forgetfulness symptoms.
  • 59.5% struggled to recall words.
  • 43.7% of individuals misspelled or made an error due to brain fog

What can be done to restore brain fog?

One of the best solutions is, to begin with, a regular exercise routine. Moreover, one must drink enough water on a daily basis, manage stress levels, and choose their meal wisely for better brain health.


Quick alternative treatment solution for post-Covid-19 brain fog

  • IV Brain Health: Vitamin therapy for the rejuvenation of the body and mind. (Click Now)
  • Immune System Fighter Plus: Boosts your body's defense mechanisms with three steps of care for cell restoration. These three steps include ozone therapy, intravenous vitamin therapy, and a low-power laser (Click Now)
  • Ozone Therapy Ozone: Treatment to boost the immune system, reduce toxins, and rejuvenate cells within the body. (Click Now)
  • Post-COVID Supplement: A specialized vitamin formulation to boost your immunity and revive your body after Covid-19 infections (Click Now)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: Provides 100% pure oxygen to restore damaged tissues and blood vessels in the body. (Click Now)
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture to reduce brain tiredness. (Click Now)


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